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Top 5 Qualities of A Tow Truck Driver

Vehicles were made to make our movement comfortable and convenient. However, at times they get mechanical problems rendering them immobile. Other times people park their cars badly causing an inconvenience to other road users. These are some of the reasons that have seen the rise and growth of the towing business. For this business, you first need a good tow truck to help you tow the vehicles to your station. Then, of course, the driver will be necessary to drive the truck. Finding a tow truck driver can be hard. One needs to know what qualities to look out for when selecting a tow driver since it goes beyond the truck driving skills. Below are the top 5 qualities of a tow truck driver.


The truck driver should know how to use the map and navigation systems. This will be helpful since the driver will need this to help him locate various places that may not be well known. There is no point of having a tow truck driver who does not understand how to use such features.

Excellent Customer Service Skills

The driver will be the one who will be in contact with the clients. He needs to know how to communicate to customers politely and professionally. This is necessary because a satisfied client will always refer many others to them. In the case of illegal parking and the client’s vehicle needs to be towed, the driver should manage to communicate with the client to show them they have broken the law politely without engaging in a war of words. This will ensure that no complaints or lawsuits against the company arise from such incidents.



The truck driver is given the responsibility to ensure the truck reaches the station. He should be able to do that without causing further damage to the vehicle being towed. The driver is also expected to follow all the traffic rules as a sign of being responsible. The driver should also handle the towing equipment responsibly.


The driver should know how to drive the truck well. He should be in a position to use the truck well also. However, the driver should possess not only good driving skills but also mechanical skills. Sometimes they can go to tow a vehicle whose problem they can handle. Instead of towing the vehicle, they should swing into action and work on the problem unless they are not sure. This will not only give the tow truck company a good name but will give them many clients.

Besides having this skills, the driver should have attended driving school and acquire a license to drive the class of vehicles under which the tow truck falls. They should also have a good reputation.