Tips To Hire A Cheap Moving Service Provider

Moving can be one of the difficult things to do. One often needs help from a moving service provider. However, there has always been a misconception that contracting a moving company to help you move is very costly hence one is forced to look for alternative ways of moving. One can get a moving company which is not only cheap but also professional. However, it takes an effort to find a company that will be cheap. Here are some tips to hire a cheap moving service provider.

Get Referrals

Rather than beginning from scratch, one should inquire from their friends, colleagues, and relatives which service providers they know of who are cheap when providing moving services. These referrals are important as they are companies whose reputation is good hence one has the confidence of referring a friend to them.

Collect Quotations

bcyfbthThis should be done way in advance say four weeks before the day of moving. One should collect and compare quotes from the different available moving companies. One is to look out for what is included in the quotation like the cost of packing boxes, the cost of packing, insurance, loading, and unloading and compare them. This will help them determine whether the cost is commensurate with the service being offered. Then one can call the ones they feel are manageable to inquire about any additional costs that may not be included in the quotation. Then one can settle on the cheapest one having the full information on the available moving companies.


One should find out which items they do not necessarily need to take with them to their new place. They can dispose them to reduce the luggage they will have. It will also be to their advantage especially when dealing with a company that charges per the weight of luggage. One is also at an advantage when they choose to declutter since their new place will have more space which would have been otherwise occupied by the unnecessary items.

Do Your Packingyefyrfbr

One should begin packing early enough before the day of moving. This will not only save you the cost of packing charged by the moving company but also will help you know that you have packed everything and you can easily trace something during the unpacking once you reach the new location.


One should choose to move at a time when most people do not prefer to move. This will ensure they get a cheaper moving rate since the moving companies are not busy and would agree to move your things at the rate you want. During such days the companies are open to negotiation as compared to the other days. The peak moving days are Friday to Sunday. One can take advantage of the other days to move quickly and cheaply.